Ceceil Lee

Ceceil Lee

I started my studies in the fashion industry at the University of Minnesota in Retail Merchandising. After graduation and working in the retail field, I wanted to pursue a more creative side of retail and started my studies here at the Minneapolis Community and Technical College in the Apparel Technologies program. During my studies, I participated in the 2014 "Hearts for Fashion" sponsored by the American Heart Society for their Red Dress campaign and hope to do more shows in the future.

When designing, my inspirations come from the idea of an essence of a woman. This essence to me is sophistication, nurturing spirit, intelligence and elegance that is in the heart of every woman. From these inspirations I want to create clothing that is an extension of the woman.

My ultimate goal is to pull my experiences in the industry to create a boutique and web store for fashion forward business women nationwide.


My inspirations for these dresses came from watching Jim Henson's The Story Teller, "Sapsorrow", a German fairy tale, where the costumes were based on the Romantic era. To give my line a fairy tale like mysterious feel, I have also incorporated the full skirts, and big sleeves with the bare shoulders that were prominent in the Romantic Era. I also wanted to portray a little of my eastern background and chose some elements of Eastern Art in my line.

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